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I grew up in a very “Christian” based Home. Reading through my childhood diaries I realized I often went to church 3 to 4 times a week! Youth group, Youth choir, Sunday School, Sunday services, etc. etc. It wasn’t until I went off to college that I realized modern day Christianity wasn’t exactly a perfect fit for me.

Shortly after my free thinking years of college, I found my way to Buddhism via Elkhart Tolle’s, A New Earth. The next major milestone in my spiritual journey was reading the Art of Happiness by the Dali Lama. To this day the Dali Lama remains my all time favorite spiritualist. He is the epitome of love and compassion. Two of the most powerful forces on Earth. These two books, The Art Of Happiness and A New Earth, were the start of huge changes in my life.

But it wasn’t until quite a bit later that I discovered yoga and meditation. Together these two tools, following my discovery of Buddhism, forever changed my experience here on planet earth. While I don’t exactly practice modern day Christianity, I do feel my life has come back full circle to believing in a “higher Source.” While I don’t believe in some man sitting up on a throne in heaven ruling over the humans below, I do believe in a Divine Energy, a Collective Consciousness, and the ultimate power of love. I believe we are all spiritual beings on a path towards enlightenment, with the ultimate goal of raising our own vibrations, raising our own level of consciousness, in order to radiate light and love into the world. Everyone and everything in this Universe is connected. Everything in this Universe is energy. Energy never dies. Love is the energy that heals. All we need is LOVE.

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